Mosaic Eye Publishing was founded in 2002 and has been continually provided Experiential Learning textbooks to colleges and universities across the United States and Canada.


Experiential Learning Textbooks

Find Your Next Professional Job: A Guide For Community College Students and Experienced Workers

All you need to know if you are a community college student and other experienced worker who is looking to transition into a co-op job, internship, or full-time career.

Find Your First Professional Job: A Guide for Co-ops, Interns, and Full-Time Job Seekers

Find Your First Professional Job is the definitive textbook for those looking to prepare college students for the workplace.

Exceeding Expectations: Mastering the Seven Keys to Professional Success

Featuring over 80 true stories from co-ops, interns, and other young professionals, all revolving around what it takes to be an outstanding employee.

Learning From Experience: A Resource Book By and For Co-op/Internship Professionals

A must-read for anyone who is involved in running a co-op or internship program.