Find Your Next Professional Job by Tamara Pinkas and Scott WeighartWe’re excited to announce that we have published the fourth edition of Find Your First Professional Job: A Guide for Co-ops, Interns and Full-Time Job Seekers by Scott Weighart.

This is the first new edition since 2007, and it’s our most ambitious upgrade ever of the book.

The heart of the book remains unchanged: We still have plenty of hard-earned wisdom from co-op and internship professionals with decades of experience, covering the fundamentals of a job search and job performance.

However, there are many significant additions, including guidance on:

  • Job searches in the Digital Age, including LinkedIn profiles, online job sites, and how to get the attention of overwhelmed recruiters.
  • How to handle a phone interview or Skype interview
  • The “Seven Deadly Sins of Cover Letters”
  • Capturing academic projects on a resume

The book now includes dozens of new contributions from co-op/internship educators, students, alumni, and employers. Charlie Bognanni of Northeastern University wrote a new appendix with specific tips for international students, and the UMass-Lowell team contributed several new tools and insights.

Each chapter now ends with a “student roundtable” and “employer roundtable,” where students will be able to read quite a few different perspectives on each chapter’s topics. We also have updated the entire book to better reflect how technology has made it necessary to think a little differently about job search preparation, resumes, interviews, and job performance. On the whole, the book is considerably longer and stronger.

The fourth edition will now replace the third edition for all orders. The ISBN number for the new edition is: 978-0-9621264-9-9 and the retail price is $27.95.

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