Burn the Boats: A Seven-Championship Season for Boston University Hockey


In 2008-09, the Boston University Terriers vowed to elevate their commitment on and off the ice. Led by captains Matt Gilroy, John McCarthy, and Brian Strait, the team drew inspiration from the legend of a very different type of captain: Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés. Like Cortés, the Terriers vowed to “burn the boats,” making retreat, surrender, or defeat an unthinkable option. They proceeded to vie for seven championships. They won all seven. Their journey culminated in a game for the ages, when they scored two goals in the last minute of the national championship to tie the game before winning it all in overtime.

Burn The Boats tells the inside story of the team, including fateful decisions off the ice by players and coaches, life in the clubhouse, moments of truth, and all of the heart-stopping action in many high-stakes games throughout the season. Featuring interviews with over a dozen players and all four coaches who were behind the bench, this book will be a treasure for any college hockey fan looking to relive a legendary season while learning several untold stories behind the scenes.