Learning From Experience: A Resource Book By and For Co-op/Internship Professionals


A must-read for anyone who is involved in running a co-op or internship program.

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By Scott Weighart

Weighart interviewed 17 co-op/internship experts from across the United States and Canada, asking them for their perspectives on every element of running effective programs. He then compiled these perspectives into a book that should be a must-read for anyone who is involved in running a co-op or internship program.

The book includes every aspect of running an effective co-op or internship program:

  • Juggling the priorities of students, employers, and goals of your academic institution
  • Understanding the fundamentals of running a program strategically
  • Dealing with generational differences among students, including so-called “millennials”
  • Working effectively with students one-on-one and in groups
  • Building and maintaining relationships with employers

“Scott Weighart has written an informative, entertaining, and most useful text. He manages to weave the philosophical in with the practical to produce a fabric that never wears thin. He captures the reader with a conversational style of writing based on his 13 years of experience supported by the reflections of 18 fellow practitioners… a must read for all practitioners in co-op and work-integrated learning programs. I wish it had been available when I was a rookie director.”

—Bruce Lumsden
University of Waterloo
Director of Co-operative Education & Career Services, 1994-2005
Changing Places Consulting, Principal

“This resource book is like chocolate—comfort food for the mind and heart of the educator/practitioner, whether new to co-op and internships or a seasoned professional. The book serves as a catalyst for thinking about a theoretical framework for what we do, how best to work with current technology, counseling and teaching students, working with employers, the difficult art of reflection, and much more. Practical advice abounds throughout. One of the characteristics Scott urges us towards is transparency with our students. He, as well as other colleagues who provide their own reflective stories on a variety of topics, model that transparency for us. I heartily endorse this mosaic of wisdom.”

—Michael True
Messiah College
Director, Internship Center

“Provocative, informative, and stimulating, this book is proof that you CAN Teach an old dog new tricks. For seasoned practitioners, this book is an eye-opener, offering an opportunity to look at our field through a different lens…. Scott Weighart’s comment that ‘professional development is a never-ending journey for all of us’ nicely sums up the essence of this book.”

—Jean Egan
Northeastern University
Director of Criminal Justice Co-op
CEIA President, 1996-1997

Featuring contributions by:
Tom Akins Georgia Tech
Linnea Basu Northeastern University
Charlie Bognanni Northeastern University
Stephen Brookfield University of St. Thomas
Nancy Chiang University of Waterloo
Jacki Diani Northeastern University
Bernadette Friedrich Michigan State
Nancy Johnston Simon Fraser University
Mary Kane Northeastern University
Brenda LeMaster University of Cincinnati
Kerry Mahoney University of Waterloo
Kate McLaughlin Northeastern University
Kirk Patterson University of Waterloo
Tamara Pinkas Lane Community College
Ronnie Porter Northeastern University
Marie Sacino LaGuardia Community College
Bob Tillman Northeastern University
Anita Todd University of Cincinnati

This book retails for $40.00; the ISBN number is 978-0-9621264-6-8.

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